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Heartwarming: Panzer Dragoon
  • In Panzer Dragoon Orta, the dragon's whole reason for fighting: Sestren is practically destroyed and the Towers are permanently disabled. Everything the Heresy Program sought out to do in the first three games is complete, so why is the dragon still fighting for Orta, even though it's rendered vulnerable without the aid of the Heresy Program? Because Edge helped complete its mission; now, it wants to protect his and Azel's child, even if it means death. This leads to such a Tear Jerker at the end after defeating Abadd, "Hey...what's wrong? Open your eyes...please?"
  • Azel's recording to Orta when she and the dragon upload themselves into the remains of Sestren:
    "I have left this recording in the hopes that you will someday hear it. Why is it we were brought into this wretched world? In this desolate world what could we possibly find to bring inner peace? We can only believe in our own free will, and travel our chosen paths. I do not know whether you will understand our plight. However, at the end of my fruitless searches, you are my only answer. Born of a human and a Drone, you have the power to change the world. You may lead a life of hardships, but know that I will always be here. Orta...Your name is Orta. My carry my spirit. And his spirit, as well..."
  • While the other games end as a downer, Orta subverts this at the last moment at The Stinger: as Orta walks into the vast landscape seemingly alone again like she was in the beginning, following her is a baby dragon pup. You come to realize the dragon never intended to leave Orta behind without someone to guard and watch her. Though the dragon may have died, its "heir" will carry on the dragon's will like before.
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