Heartwarming / Pajama Sam

The entire series in general. For once, there's no innuendos or any undertones, it's just about an innocent boy having a wild imagination. Seeing him being so nice to everyone and going on exciting adventures for his quest of solving real life normal tasks, that would be considered boring for an adult, is impossible not to smile at.

No Need To Hide When It's Dark Outside
  • The ending. Sam finds out that Darkness is just misunderstood, so instead of defeating him, he befriends him. The sight of them playing cheese and crackers together will make anybody smile.
    Sam: *yawn* Goodnight, Darkness.
    Darkness: *winks at viewers from the open closet*
  • Otto's childlike glee upon discovering that he can indeed float in the water.
  • The implications at the end of the game that Sam conquered his fear of the darkness by befriending it through his imagination will spread warmth in your chest.

You Are What You Eat From Your Head To Your Feet
  • Sam's speech at the end of the game, where he puts an end to the fighting between the delegates over which food group is best by pointing out how many great foots are from different groups working together.
  • Florette kissing Sam on the cheek after the latter got them out of prison. His response after she leaves is an embarrassed "Gee".