Heartwarming / Overboard

  • It was really cute watching the kids get attached to Joanna.
    "We like her dad!"
  • Joey on the coast guard radio, equally hilarious and heartwarming.
    Joey: (in Pee-Wee Herman voice over the radio) STOP THAT BOAT IMMEDIATELY AND LET ME GET MY MOM!
  • When Dean finds out that Joanna is rich and not her "former" husband Grant. Doubles as a CMoF.
    • And just before that:
    Dean: CATARINA!
    Joanna: ARTURO!
  • Once Dean and Joanna are reunited.
    Dean: But it got me to thinking, though. What could I possibly give you ever that you don't already have?
    Joanna: A little girl.
  • After getting her memory back and returning to the yacht, Joanna earnestly apologizes to Andrew for how much of a Spoiled Brat she's been and for all the times she's mistreated him.