Heartwarming / Once Upon A Time Abridged

At first, whenever a character feels more humanish emotions, this tends to happen. This fanfiction does still principally relies on Heroic Comedic Sociopath and other borderline (but definitely funny) Dude, Not Funny! things... However, its emotional heart grew around Emma trying to parent Henry, her Odd Friendship with Mary Margaret, her strangely friendly relationship with Mr. Gold and the latter's friendship with Archie and Pet the Dog moments. Now, there are much more heartwarming moments.

  • Despite it's oddness for readers and characters alike, Mr. Gold's friendship with Archie falls under this from the very moment bowling night is mentionned, and even earlier.
    Regina: How did you and Archie come to be best friends anyway?
    Mr. Gold: How couldn’t I? He’s so adorable.
  • Emma trying to parent Henry can sometimes be moving too, from The Shepherd Abridged onwards.
  • Rumplestilskin does care for his son.
    • And his stepson !
  • Snow telling George that she bears Charming's flaws.
  • Emma and Snow White reuniting. Emma and her lalalaing, crossing with Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • Rumplestiltskin's inner monologue : BEST FRIENDS !
    • Okay, just this once. BEST FRIENDS !!
  • Belle's declaration of love. Despite being in front of Hook, she still knows where her heart is.
  • Mulan's concern for Aurora, who finally gets enough credit.
    Mulan: She's far too innocent to be in this narrative !
  • Regina proves her love of Henry, at least to the point where she wants to sacrifice herself to gain his. Henry and the author begrudgingly acknowledges that, yes, she did something. But she still wasn't gonna die. And technically, it's all because of Henry's deeds. So this isn't really big deal or anything...
    • The Grumpy Bear link is about Henry, not daestgatling. Just in case the author started referencing the TV Tropes page or something...
  • Henry/Emma and Snow/Red reuniting.
  • Later, Rumple/Archie reuniting.
  • Rumplestiltskin Love Martyr Did You Think I Can't Feel? speech to Milah in Manhattan. It is awesome and cathartic !
  • Neal's characterization shifting from selfish and manipulative to trying to be a good dad and craing for his father in The Miller's Daughter.
  • Belle and Rumplestiltskin's relationship is often this within the fic, despite being as irromantic as possible, because, no matter how messed up, it is real. However, it's constantly averted during his phone call to amnesiac Belle, who is a Gold Digger Jefferson Fangirl and almost rejoices when Mr. Gold tells her how ill he is, while he makes disaparaging comments about his son in hearing distance, in what is a mildly abusive fashion.