Heartwarming / Olympus Overdrive

  • Hades messaging Persephone to tell her he's ok, his human is nice, they might even become friends, and closing with a "Love you!". d'Awwwwww.
    • For that matter, the story of the Rapt of Persephone is pretty sweet, with Hades promising to not curse anyone in any way so Persephone won't have to carry those curses out and waiting for her return when she's on Earth bringing Spring, and Persephone, after a time of being understandably upset about the whole deal, taking the trouble to get to know Hades (and for Hades giving her that time, for that matter), and the two forging an understanding and sweet relationship.
  • The introductions of Max and Bobby. To wit, Max is working from home to help his ill mom, and Bobby is a cute and nice girl who is a bit forgetful and has Méniére's disease which causes hearing problems, working in her dad's boatshop.
  • Max and Hades bonding when they can't fall asleep during the first night.
  • Poseidon and Bobby's friend talking about Bobby and how she stays positive despite her Meniere's Disease. Finding out about the lack of real treatment, Poseidon vows to help and she eats the fish Bobby ordered: she declared eating fish earlier a sacrilege, but clearly hearing what Bobby is going through made her think the least she can do is eat the fish, dammit.
  • Aphrodite taking the time to give some cheering words to her mortal Agnes counts, even if those words are discarded by Agnes with an "easier said than done" argument.