Heartwarming: Oda Nobuna no Yabou

  • This pivotal turning point in a new history:
    Yoshiharu: You don't want to kill him, do you?
  • "I see... the name of this castle is Gifu Castle..."
  • Nobusumi is the best shota:
    "Of course you can always be a woman. We're married, right?"
    • And although he didn't marry Nagamasa out of love, the love has clearly become real by Episode 10 (and it is thankfully mutual)
    "You go on ahead, Monkey!! (Eyes full of warmth and rcourage) There is someone I can't leave behind here!!"
  • Louise, a Portuguese missionary, kneels beside Shoukakuin Gousei to pray for the safety of Hiei Mountain.
  • Nobuna and Yoshiharu finally embrace each other in the final episode.
  • "Let's go, Monkey! Come unite Japan with me!"
  • In volume 5, both of their kisses on the night of Christmas.