Heartwarming / OMFGcata

  • The Minecraft crew gives Jesse a special surprise at the end of his 1000th Video.
  • During his Fan Friday where he plays Scribblenauts Unlimited, Jessie solves a puzzle by putting a mirror in front of a shoggoth. It gets frightened of its own reflection and gets upset. Jessie then spends the next few minutes trying to make it happy again.
  • Some of Jesse's interactions with Elizabeth during BioShock Infinite. Jesse genuinely likes having her around, partly since she's genuinely helpful. Makes one wonder what he'll do when he discovers Elizabeth's & Booker's connection to each other.
  • Giving a Rousing Speech to someone stressed about their upcoming exams is pretty damn heartwarming. Viewable here.
  • Jesse does his Sep. 22 2013 Revenge of the Q & A alongside his parents. It's both hilarious and heartwarming.
  • The Beyond: Two Souls playthrough has a lot of heartwarming moments, just because Jesse becomes so damn protective of Jodie.
  • A Cox Family Christmas overall mixes this with Funny. The crowner of Heartwarming comes at the end when Jesse and his mom give his father his present, a trip to Peru alongside Jesse.