Heartwarming: Nurarihyon No Mago

  • The first time Rikuo transformed into a Youkai was to save Kana and his friends, even after he was made fun of for saying his grandpa was a youkai, I think it's quite heartwarming.
  • In the 40th chapter Hyakki Yakou and Sakazuki, after Zen's insistance that he forms his own Hyakki we see how Rikuo's attendants feel about him. And the support they give to him is absolute.
  • When fighting against Tamazuki both Rikuo and Tsurara end up in a really bad shape, Rikuo urges Tsurara to get away, but she answers him:
    "I'll protect to you for all eternity. Because you are the one I exchanged sakazuki with"