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Heartwarming: Nullmetal Alchemist
  • When you learn the reason as to why Ed keeps refering to alchemy as magic.
  • Ed showed little more than indifference (or annoyance) to Nina for most of the episode, but when he sees what he'd done to Nina and Alexander... wow.
    • Actually, Ed seemed pretty fond of Nina, going as far to say that she should be his sister.
    • Her death pushes Ed into leaving the military, much to Roy's shock.
  • Ed's talk with Barry the Chopper:
    And to be honest, I've been looking into your work, it's quite interesting. "Winry janks a chain to get his attention." Yeah, not right now, Winry. Y'see, just the other day, I saw some horrifying stuff. Naturally, I was disturbed, since it involved a friend of mine. But, I got to admit, it's opened my mind a bit. My life just seems to revolve around the grotesque, so I'm even drawn to it now.

    'Heh, yeah, as a butcher, I can totally relate.'

    And y'know, I look at you, taking beautiful subjects and turning them into incomprehensible clusterfucks that're impossible not to find amusing. You really inspire me. I think you inspire a lot of people. Sure, Society may look at you as some crazy freak, but not me. Not me.

    'Aah, that's really sweet of you to say.'
  • Ed's goodbye with Russell, Vitriolic Best Buds style.
    Russell: Best of luck, dickhead.
    Ed: You too, arsehole.
    Russell: Twatface!
    Ed: Bollock-toucher!

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