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Heartwarming: No Ordinary Family
  • Jim's Anniversary gift to Stephanie: a pair of marble hands holding each other that he shaped with his bare hands.
  • The end of No Ordinary Visitors, in which Stephanie's parents admit what asses they've been and apologize. Grandpa even lets JJ keep The Precious, Precious Car he won from him.
  • George's speech at his ceremony for accepting the Key to the City.
  • Jim calling his brother out about not being there when their father died, and admitting he didn't need Mike to be there for their father, he needed Mike to be there for himself. This is mirrored when Mike admits that he was in the parking lot the entire time, too scared to go in, convinced that their father would be happier just having Jim with him and truly not knowing that Jim needed him.
  • Katie's baby surviving the delivery.
  • JJ turning down Bailey's advances because he still had feelings for Natalie. Bit of a heartbreaker for Bailey.
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