Heartwarming / Nintendo Comics System

  • Zelda makes and Anguished Declaration of Love to try to save Link from being hopelessly corrupted by power in the storyline "The Price."
  • In "The Revenge of Ooze," Bowser immediately chokes a piranha plant for insulting Lemmy.
  • The same story has a number of pretty sweet father/son moments between Bowser and Lemmy: Their plotline in the story involves Lemmy taking his "ambush test," which basically means sneaking up on someone and beating the crap out of them. Despite the... questionable nature of the test, Bowser is really being a supportive father here, cheering for his son to do well and even letting him take some time off to have fun with a bit of cosplay (the ambush takes place at a comic convention).
    • This does turn out to be a mistake as Lemmy gets carried away with the cosplay and attacks Bowser instead — but after recovering from the attacks by both Lemmy and Mario, Bowser is actually proud of Lemmy, because attacking close family members gives extra credit! And the comic ends with Bowser taking his son out for burgers and fries, because "we both deserve a break." Awwww...