Heartwarming: 1984

Despite the overall bleakness of the novel, there are a few heartwarming moments.

  • Winston contemplates a woman who threw herself over a child to protect him from machine-gun fire even though she knew it wouldn't help. He comes to the realization that "If you loved someone, you loved him, and when you had nothing else to give you still gave him love."
  • A man dying of starvation is brought to the cell in the Ministry of Love that Winston is sharing with several other prisoners. One man offers him a piece of bread. And then a bunch of guards storm in and beat him with clubs.
  • The love song outlasts the hate song in popularity.
  • The Appendix. Whether it's In-Universe or not, its existence, which is written in the past tense, is one of the only shreds of hope in this book that Big Brother's tyranny was overthrown somehow. Bear in mind that this particular world is considered to be the Crapsack World of all crap worlds in Fictional History.
  • Winston's and Julia's first time in the forest.
  • Winston hated Julia so much that he would have killed her or even raped her, but then Julia gave Winston a note saying "I love you." That was all it took for Winston and Julia to actually fall in love.
  • Julia comforting Winston when she sees how terrified he is by the rat they find in their secret room.