Heartwarming / Nightwing

  • In an attempt to prove he was the greatest Robin, Damian attacked Tim & Jason at opportune moments he set up to prey on them psychologically, and steals trophies from them to mount on his wall. Dick, however, simply hands him one of his escrima sticks & tells him that he doesn't need to try so hard.
    "If you haven't noticed, kid, you're already wearing the "R" on your chest."
  • In one issue of his self-titled series, Dick muses to himself about the differences between himself and Bruce. In the end, he concludes that if Bruce could go back in time and trade becoming Batman just to have his parents back, he would do so in a heartbeat. Dick admits to himself that, while he misses his parents terribly, he wouldn't trade being raised by Bruce for anything in the world.
  • After Death of the Family, Dick acts like he's over it. People continually offer him support, but he turns them down. Dick decides to take his frustrations out on some thugs. He doesn't exactly hold back, but Damian of all people is there to hold him back. Damian had been watching Dick for the week, and after some encouragement, and a nice little chat about a confiscated katana and video games, which they plan to play together, they part ways. And then Damian died before the game arrived.
  • Dick consoling Jen on the death of her parents. Also becomes becomes a Tearjerker if you've been following Forever Evil.
  • Scenes where Bruce acknowledges how much Dick means to him are always heartwarming, but a special mention has to go to a scene in Night of the Owls when Bruce reassures Dick that he could never have been one of the Talons because he's fundamentally good and saved Bruce from an even darker path just by existing and continues to do that every day.