Heartwarming / Nickelback

  • "Lullaby":
    So just give it one more try
    to a lullaby, and turn this up on the radio
    If you can hear me now, I'm reachin' out to let you know that you're not alone
    and if you can't tell, I'm scared as hell cause I can't get you on the telephone.
  • "Never Gonna Be Alone":
    You're never gonna be alone
    from this moment on
    If you ever feel like letting go
    I won't let you fall
    You're never gonna be alone
    I'll hold you til the hurt is gone.
  • The video for "I'd Come For You" is about a relationship between a father and daughter. It's become a little strained recently but in the climax where the girl's boyfriend tries to rape her, the dad comes to the rescue. It's very touching.
  • Don't Ever Let It End. A song about a couple who are pretending they're not a couple and both of them are tired of pretending, but afraid to say so in fear of it ending. In the end, they decide to stop pretending.
  • "Far Away". A song about a couple who has been separated and, now that they are reunited, declare that they will never be apart again.
  • This one is not as easy to see, but the guitar solo in "Side of A Bullet" was something Dimebag Darrell was working on before he was murdered. The band contacted his brother and his widow about the song and they sent him the solo.
  • "Savin' Me" is deep, about love and its saving properties.
  • "Satellite" is a touching song about savoring every moment in a relationship.
  • "What Are You Waiting For?" is an uplifting song encouraging people to follow their dreams and not wait around.