Heartwarming / Negas

This is what happens when you Throw the Dog a Bone to the Chew Toy of the series.

  • Any interaction moment between Negas and Ral. Especially because they're so few of them.
  • The entire "Reanima tu Cuerpo" ("Recharge your Body") episode. To sum up, Negas goes to the disco where he finds a girl, who takes a liking to him, even with the Deadpan Snarker traits. Another much better looking man asks the girl to dance, but she prefers to dance with Negas, much to the latter’s joy. After they dance all night and have sex, he goes for his job reunion the next day, obviously tired, only to find that the girl left him an Alka-Seltzer pill in his pocket. Cue Negas smiling (see image), a success at the reunion and the possibility to see the girl again. Considering how much of a crap he is treated in the series, he really deserves it.
    Negas: "That Alka-Seltzer Boost nailed it. I'll call that girley to thank her. And to have another date, obviously. But for now....I'll do a happiness dance in the street! (cue Negas dancing in the street)"
    "What a nice story, what a happy story!"
  • When Negas and Ñoñostacio get promoted to the Everest (long story) and they end up working for the abusive Yankee Boss, Paulo actually calls Ñoñostacio at his cellphone and seems genuinely concerned about him.
  • Negas is shown getting along with Ñoñostacio in the Antimono episode. Sure, Negas still berates him for being a geek (despite being a closet geek himself) and because of the Antimono, they can't play Super Smash Bros. as they planned; but it's the thought that counts.
  • In the Fifa 15 special, Negas catches Ñoñostacio skipping work to play Fifa, causing the latter to beg Negas not to say a word of it to Checker or else both will be punished. Negas acts all the episode with his usual "doesn't-give-a-shit" personality and berates him as usual. However, when Negas leaves the room, Checker finds him and asks what he was doing in the room. Negas just tells Checker to shut up and doesn't tell on Ñoñostacio for slacking. Aww.
  • The Odd Friendship between Niño Ratta and his cousin, Niño Ottaco. Both are misfits with no friends, but it's clear that they like being around each other (even though sometimes it's mostly one-sided for Niño Ottaco).