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Heartwarming: Naruto The Movie Road To Ninja
  • Naruto meeting his parents, Minato and Kushina, for the first time outside of his seal. Pretty much just Naruto's interactions with his parents in general. Reading the picture album, embracing Kushina after she saved him, having a birthday party for Kushina... for the first time in his life Naruto had a true family to be with.
  • Naruto coming home in the real world to see that Iruka has cleaned the place and was waiting for him with food. Only moments before Naruto lost his family once again but this was a reminder that even so, he's not alone and he does have family in this world.
  • When Naruto, Sakura, Minato, Kushina, Guy and Kakashi meet the toads that Jiraiya left, Minato orders not to harm the toads. As Jiraiya left them to him.
  • With Naruto tired, Sakura pushes him out of the way readying to take Tobi's attack for him.
  • When Naruto sees the scroll, the first thing he remembers is his training with Jiraiya.
  • The last thing Naruto tells Minato and Kushina before he and Sakura go back to their own world is that he was grateful for the time they spent together.
  • Out of all the things AU!Hinata kept from her main universe counterpart, it was her feelings for Naruto. Really shows how strong Hinata's love for him really is.
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