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Heartwarming: My Neighbors the Yamadas
  • Takashi (the Dad) calls home from the train station, asking for someone to bring his umbrella. Everyone's feeling lazy and they start arguing over who should bring the umbrella over. Finally Takeshi shouts that he'll just buy one himself. As he's heading home, he sees that Matsuko and Nonoko and Noboru have all come out together to bring him his umbrella.
    • (Oddly, the grandmother isn't with them. But I guess someone had to watch the house.)
    • There's more to this scene if you watch it in the original Japanese. Matsuko asks Takashi to buy some pork while he's buying the umbrella. In the dub he yells "Ok, fine!", but in Japanese he yells "Baka yaro!", which literally translates to "moron!" and is interpreted in the subtitles as "No way!". In the store, he passes by the pork for a moment, then goes back and buys it. In other words, he's changed his mind about not getting the pork. At the same time, unknown to him, his family has changed their mind about bringing him the umbrella.
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