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  • Reflections by kalash93 does a very good take on this. The story alternates between Tear Jerker and this before finishing on a truly breathtaking moment of pure joy.
  • Mothers Is a very sweet and heartwarming story focusing on the relationship between Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo.
  • Will You Be My Friend Tells how Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo first met.
  • What Rainbows Are Made Of is a great way to get over the horror of Rainbow Factory.
  • The d'aww-inducing A Day For Spike and Twilight. It's an adorable fic that explores Spike and Twilight's friendship.
  • The Light in the Darkness is one of the best cures for Cupcakes out there.
  • Relax, by Kalash 93 is heartwarming from start to finish all the way through. It's a surprisingly intimate, deep tale of two lovers spending a night togther. Raunchy yes, but the author does such a superb job of conveying the emotions and personalities through the characters that it's well worth a look. If the ending doesn't at least make you smile, then you are not human.
  • One surprising example is born of "Yet Another Cupcakes Ending" (tm). After a last-minute rescue by Twilight the cause of Pinkie's madness is discovered and removed from her brain. Weeks later we discover that Dash; in spite of the amputated wings, nightmares, and a need to steel herself against panic attacks to even look at Pinkie; refuses to blame her and is campaigning against anyone in Ponyville doing so. Loyalty indeed.
  • ''A Pleasant Surprise by Kalash93 is a wonderful romantic piece about Fluttershy and Midnight. Everything is perfect — the characterization, the pacing, the dialogue, the mood. It's all just superb and beautiful. The affection between the two lovers is just so genuine and sweet that it can induce Tears of Joy in much the same way that My Little Dashie makes some people weep like faucets.
  • My Little Dashie, a masterpiece of fan-fic which was inspired by this image and tells a truly heartwarming and tear inducing story of Rainbow Dash being raised by a lonely man who found her in a box and treated her like his own daughter. Seriously, if you aren't wiping your cheeks clean of tears by the end you might want to get your eyes checked.
    • The end of the official author-approved sequel is, without a doubt, far more heartwarming than the rest of both stories combined.
    • Azekahh readthis fanfic out, and even he was moved by the story of a Rainbow Dash who was adopted into a loving home.
      • The crowner on Azekahh's reading however is how his attitude shifts during the story. Initially, he goes into it after having been pressured by fans and is rather skeptical about its supposed B'AWWWWW potential, but by the time he makes it to Dash discovering the truth about herself and Celestia and the other 5 showing up to take her back to Equestria he's actively fighting back tears just so he can finish the story without breaking down. Heart=Warmed.
  • The Best Night Ever: In this fanfic, Prince Blueblood gets trapped in a "Groundhog Day" Loop. And by the end, he manages to redeem himself utterly. Yeah, you heard it right, Prince Charmless himself manages to get some Crowning Moments of Heartwarming.
  • The Vinyl Scratch Tapes: Octavia realizing Vinyl is more than just a deranged showboater, Octavia going Mama Bear for her ensemble, and Vinyl going Mama Bear for Octavia probably qualify. The Aww, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other moment in chapter 1 of part 2 is a definite, though.
    Octavia: (on a badly made pie) And if it was really that bad, why did you nearly eat the whole thing all by yourself?!
    Vinyl: Because you made it for me!
    Vinyl: [Sighs.] Spitfire, you asked that you wanted to know what itís like living together with Octavia? For serious?
    Spitfire: Yeah...
    Vinyl: All joking aside ... I get to wake up every day, living with the pony who makes me the happiest. I get to laugh together with her, joke with her, and just be there with her. Every second Iím with her makes me feel like Iím in front of a cheering crowd after the best set Iíve ever done. Iím ... [Chuckles.] Iím just grateful she somehow manages to put up with me every day without punching me in the face ... I really couldnít be happier than I am, right now.
  • Blissful Dream by Kalash93, who seems determined to make your feels his bitch in absolutely every single thing we writes. Blissful Dream is simply a short and sweet story about two lovers, but it does an unusually good job at sucking you into the moment and the emotions. Highly recommended if you're having a bad day and don't mind clop.
  • My client was you... (the fic itself is in the description)
  • This letter to Derpy.
  • "Breaking Out" gives one to Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon of all ponies
  • "A Canterlot Birth" covers the birth of Cadance and Shining's first foal.
  • Anarchy in the Equestrian Nation has its moments, most notably Union Jack's line "If you ever need a shoulder to cry on, remember the name Union Jack." (given to a mare who'd recently gone through a breakup), and her reaction.
  • Kalash 93's Songs Uncle Sings is a wonderful piece celebrating family, as shown by how music brings together a young colt and his uncle.
  • Derpy's Album. The Tail of how Derpy became a mom. Double points for being a Tear Jerker
  • "No Hard Feelings." Picking up right where "The Mysterious Mare Do Well" left off, the rest of the Mane Cast throw a party for Rainbow Dash to "soften the blow" of upstaging her as the hero of Ponyville in their effort to teach her a lesson in humility. It's then that they learn their plan not only humbled her, but also humiliated her, and are so horrified by their actions that they immediately pile up on Rainbow Dash in what is described as "a warm cuddly ball of limbs and affection". And as if it weren't enough that Rainbow Dash reassures her friends that she still loves and trusts them in the end, Twilight also writes another letter to Princess Celestia detailing her own lesson on anticipating others' reactions and how she and all of her friends have changed for the better.
    • Extra points go to the scene in the middle when the citizens of Ponyville are wondering where Rainbow Dash has chased Mare Do Well off to, with Scootaloo confident that Rainbow Dash would win if the two were fighting, solidifying that no superhero could ever replace RD as Scootaloo's hero.
  • Wedding Blues. An alternate ending to "The Canterlot Wedding" on what if Cadance was really under a lot of stress and there there was never a fake Cadance nor Chrysalis. Twilight Sparkle and Cadance both reconciled on what they did but the former is suffering a lot from the Guilt Complex and she did while the latter comforts her.
  • "My Little Angel" shows a more caring side to the titular bunny. We also have Fluttershy adopting a baby Changeling, who nicknames her "Mothershy."
  • Estrus has one when Fluttershy heavily implies that her parents were both religious fundamentalists on the level of Margaret White, and that they abused her when she went into heat for the first time. Pinkie Pie wordlessly comforts her with a big hug. Later, Pinkie talks about her own childhood and her suspicions that she might be adopted, citing that her parents never gave any indication that they knew what sex is. Fluttershy attempts to return the favour (and misses, getting tangled up with Rainbow Dash).
  • Composure is one of the deepest fanfics of Twilestia. While it doubles as a Tear Jerker to some, Celestia, Twilight Sparkle and even Luna herself care for one each other is also Crowning Moment Of Heart Warming to a lot of people.
  • Last Night At Pinkie Pie's. This fanfic shows that even Celestia herself can have some fun and especially around Rarity heself. Not to mention the two of them spending time together can be a bit Heartwarming to some.
  • Wings for a Ponyand its sidestory, which involves Rainbow Dash adopting a young, orphaned Earth Pony colt. Just about any moment that isn't a massive Tear Jerker between Rainbow and her son is incredibly touching. And that's just scratching the surface for the main story...
  • Shining Armor meets Twilight Sparkle for the first time after birth.
  • Hiatus this fanfic is arguably one of the best in its fandom. The writing of Luna and Celestia are spot on and some parts of the chapters are based on some Egophiliac fanart such as this one, this one, and especially this one.
  • In Whom The Princesses Would Destroy, Cabinet Secretary Dotted Line has been having a long day, struggling to make things as perfect as possible when Twilight Sparkle is due to visit Princess Celestia. After dealing with petty nobles, runaway dimension-warping spells and entirely too much jam and custard, all while suffering from caffeine withdrawal, he makes an offhanded prayer asking Celestia for strength. She chooses that exact moment to show up to give him some words of encouragement and a thermos full of tea.
  • The Canterlot Healing Process deals with Shining Armor, Twilight's friends and Princess Celestia each apologizing to Twilight for their actions towards her at the Wedding Rehearsal. In fact, Twilight is not only reinstated as Shining Armor's Best Mare, but she is also named Cadence's Mare of Honor.
  • ''Love Is Its Own Reward features Spikey-Wikey actually learning his lesson about maturity and writes the letter about it to none other than Princess Celestia herself.
  • We Can Be Heroes, a short but sweet piece depicting Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash as little fillies, finding strength and friendship in one another.
  • In Universe 63, the primary Twilight rescuing Universe #62!Twilight from timberwolves, after accidentally blowing her hiding place by sneezing. This is quickly followed by #1!Twilight agreeing without hesitation to let her stay long-term. Not that we'd expect either Twilight to do things differently, but given what a Crapsack World #62 was and how Woobie #62!Twilight had become in just a few hundred words...
  • Melt is a fanfic where Princess Celestia nurses Twilight Sparkle back to health. It gets sweeter as you read the rest of it.
  • This unfinished fanfic called Twilight's Life, is about Twilight's early childhood. Along, with how Shining Armor meet Cadence.
  • The End of an Era is mostly heartwrenching but the very end will cause Tears of Joy Saved by the Fans has never been quite so literal.
  • In the HIE story Over the Edge and Through The Wood, the First Contact scene between the Cutie Mark Crusaders and the human protagonist Troy, after they all take shelter from a storm in the Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters. Despite both sides being freaked out by the other and unable to verbally communicate, when Troy sees that the fillies are freezing, he immediately opens up his sleeping bag and invites them in, before singing them to sleep with "Misty Mountains Cold". It's d'awww-inducing, to put it mildly.
  • The Tree, a beautiful little story detailing the Apple Family's relationship in a very touching, down to earth way.
  • On The Importance of Spelling, while quite humorous, also has some touching interaction between Shining and Cadence (or rather Cadance).
  • In "The Secret", Diamond Tiara gets one when the Cutie Mark Crusaders discover why she bullied them all the time.
  • Accidentally on Purpose, which succeeds in defrosting Diamond Tiara.
  • Rarity's Bad Mane Day has lots of comedic moments, and ending on a smile-filled ending between sisters.
  • Forgive and Forget has Snips and Snails apologizing to Trixie for the incident back on Boast Busters.
  • The Winds of Winter: A Hooves Family Tale has two great ones at the end. When Clover the Clever, Smart Cookie and Private Pansy worry that they won't be able to bring the three tribes together, the Doctor, Derpy and Dinky bring them and Starswirl the Bearded to the present day to watch the school's Hearth's Warm Day play and show them that unity will be achieved one day. The three, obviously touched, instantly decide to use time travel to their advantage... cue the play suddenly getting a new ending, with a cardboard TARDIS descending and the play ending with the entire audience singing The Long Song. The Doctor is moved to tears.
  • At the Bottom of the Bottle is mostly a Tear Jerker, but at the end Berry Punch realizes that her alcoholism is hurting her daughter, thanks her for pouring all her booze down the sink, and resolves to change for her sake.
  • Cheese n' Crackers is a short, sweet and zany little oneshot in which a certain super duper party pony cheers up a down on her luck, depressed Trixie. An unlikely friendship ensues.
  • Just a Sunrise has a happy Tear Jerker, regarding newly-crowned Princess Twilight's fear of having gained immortality, and Celestia's assurance that she has a choice of having a normal life, or an immortal one.
  • The Lion and the Lamb has several heart gushing moments, from Fluttershy doting over a griffon chick she's adopted to her developing romantic interactions with Smokey, a kind hearted dragon.
  • Tirek, back in his prison, has an unexpected visitor. Despite everything he's done, his brother still loves him.
  • Shining Armor feels like he's failed in his duty as a protector. Cadance tells him otherwise. Also a bit of a Tear Jerker.
  • The God Squad has a surprising one during the Griffland Arc. Shining Armor gets caught in a vortex created from the aftermath of the TARDIS being struck by a bolt of magic. The first one to reach for him? Tydal, who spent the entire fanfic up to that point insulting and messing with Shining. When the rest of the cast joins in and Shining pleads with them to just let him go, Tydal is the first to refuse.
    • Tydal and Shining get another one in the Zebrica arc when, after Tydal's sister, the goddess of the earth, threatens Shining and insults him, Tydal comes to his defense and declares Shining his friend and the best stallion he knows. Even Shining is shocked by Tydal's words.
    • Tydal and Sunset Shimmer's relationship. When we first meet them Sunset is crying because of being bullied and Tydal instantly goes up to her and comforts her. When he learns (from the Cakes, of course) that Sunset might be his granddaughter he shows no hesitation in ensuring her happiness. When he next returns to the Equestria Girls universe he publically declares that she is family and the two spend time bonding. Sunset clearly loves the fact that there is someone out there that loves her.
      • How about how Sunset breaks through Tydal's personal version of Nightmare Moon? He's transformed into Darkwater Abyss, the World Breaker, and is ready to pretty much destroy all life on Earth because Sombra threatened his friends. Sunset tells him she knows he'll stop if she asks him because when they first met, even though he was an all powerful god and she was just a teenager... he saw her crying and went to comfort her. She says that despite being a war god he can't stand to see little girls cry. Tydal instantly snaps out of his rage and asks:
      Will you smile... if I say I'm sorry?
  • Let's Kill King Sombra! wraps up with one of these. Sombra's daughter, who the Doctor knows doesn't appear in the history books and thus is fated to die, moves to sacrifice herself to save The Doctor, Derpy, and Dinky. The Doctor considers leaving but, thinking upon all the other times fate has demanded he make such a choice, the Doctor answers as he always does: No. The Doctor returns, saves Princess Solsra, and brings her on board the TARDIS and officially makes her a part of the family, allowing her to journey with them (traveling the world being a wish Solsra had always had).
  • Pinkie Dinky Pie will make your heart fall out, if not melt like a microwaved ice cube. Warning: Pinkie Pie wears diapers and acts like a foal. If you are opposed to this, please do not read.
  • Because Ponies Are the Size of Cats and They Love to Cuddle is the adorable story of future humanity living on a moon of Jupiter and a secret project where a hoodie can transport our Equestrian Friends from Equestria to our space-time. Our main character has got Applejack as his partner, and as of today's update, the ponies now include Maud Pie, Coco Pommel, Chickidee, Doctor Horse (the doctor that fixed Rainbow Dash in MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicS2E16ReadItAndWeep), Flash Sentry, and BigHam Trixie.
  • A Mother's Love is about Fluttershy adopting a pegasus colt who ran away from his abusive father. Several Heartwarming Moments ensue, such as Fluttershy's Mama Bear moment against Filthy Rich when Diamond Tiara bullies the colt at school and a Toy Ship between the colt and Scootaloo.
  • The Human-in-Equestria story Living in Equestria by Blazewing has many moments, and one can expect more to come. For example:
    • Pinkie having "already" forgiven Dave for his recklessness in going into the Everfree Forest with no experience.
    • Dave getting Scootaloo a home with the Hooves.
    • Although it makes the end(?) of the storynote  more tragic, the extent of Star Glider's friendship for Trixie.

  • Another wonderful example of why this fandom is so great.
  • Judging by the fact that, a mere few hours after it was aired, a couple of the new non descript background ponies are already being made fanart of, this is clearly not a fandom to be taken lightly. And as someone in the comments said, "MLPFIM: The only fandom where every background character will be named and fully fleshed out with a backstory. Every pony." When it comes to bronies, no pony is forgotten.
    • And no pony is abandoned. Consider Incidental Pony #2, or as the fanbase calls her, "Lyra". Recently, a blindbag toy came out - although it was clearly a Twilight Sparkle recolor, it had Lyra's colors and Cutie Mark. Its name was "Heartstrings". After quite a bit of argument and debate, did the fandom cry "ruined"? Nope. To them, she's now "Lyra Heartstrings". Love and tolerance at work.
  • Essentially any time a group of fans come together for a massive project. Not just the fact they're so devoted to the fandom that they're willing to devote days, maybe even weeks of time for no pay, but that it's normally a huge effort on the part of many people working together to do it. The fandom is literally bringing people together! Considering some fandoms barely get along at all, seeing this kind of unity is a wonderful change of pace!
  • This beautiful piece of artwork drawn by Jiayi, framed as one of Twilight Sparkle's letters to Celestia, summarizing all of Season One in a series of images that captures the essence of the entire series so perfectly it brings tears to this tropers' eyes every time she looks at it, and I don't usually cry over fictional things. It's no wonder Faust herself favorited it.
    • Here's the sequel that depicts Season Two in the same style.
  • This fanmade video, inspired by Google Chrome videos, featuring video clips of the brony community, spreading their love of the show and each other, telling each other to make 2012 the year of the brony. Make It Happen!
  • On one YouTube video of "Big Brother, Best Friend Forever", the first Top Comment is:
    My older brother just left for Afghanistan a couple of days ago. He leads a military squad, just like how Shining Armor leads the guards. He didn't tell me he was getting married when he did not too long ago, but i'm still very happy for him. He has a kid now.

    I miss him, and I love this song so much because it reminds me of the times we had.
  • This article, well specifically the comments section the article is just another person who makes it clear from some of the ridiculous things he says has never watched the show, ranting about how Bronies couldn't possibly be "real men" etc etc... It's basically one giant plea for a Flame War just begging for some normal internet rageing and uproar. Guess what; Bronies didn't rise to the bait, instead the comments are filled with bronies defending the show with polite, well reasoned arguments, calmly replying to critics and "haters" with passionate yet polite reasoning. The highlight being one lady that stated she would be highly disturbed if her husband started liking something like this show, yet after talking back and forth with several bronies, finally agreed that maybe she was being too eager to judge something based just on preconceived notions and that she should at least watch the show before criticizing it, to the point where she asked their recommendations for some good episodes to start with.
  • This story has a situation similar to the above example. A Troll named "Derg The Great" had spent the majority of his time harassing the readers, claiming that portraying "Mary Sue" as a sympathetic character was stupid. This reached its zenith when Derg commented on the sequel calling Derpy retarded. From what this Troper can gather, the author lost his temper, and wrote another chapter (that was removed after a few hours) about Derg being killed by Pinkie Pie as a punishment for insulting Derpy. Rather than Derg going supernova and trolling like a madman... Well, see for yourself
  • On January 6, 2013 there was a brief, beautiful moment. Grey DeLisle announced she was going to do a pony-related voice, and all she could say about it was "muffins". A few hours later it was verified that this was only for a fan work, this one actually (still a good thing), not the show itself. But between those announcements, there was a visible wave of excitement passing through bronydom, manifesting in thousands of hopeful comments everywhere. That one simple thing could light up such a passionate reply...
    • The existence of Derpy Hooves alone counts as a heartwarming moment. It's well known that people with mental disabilities are often treated as Acceptable Targets by many internet users due to anonymity. To think that so many fans came together and essentially invented this character, named her Derpy and obsessed over her funny eyes yet they didn't do it out of mockery and, if not then, certainly now are fiercly protective of her speaks volumes for the fans as a whole...
  • In the wake of the Equestria Girls trailer reveal Equestria Daily posted a blog urging bronies to show their love to the staff to counter the nasty letters and tweets sent to them, even leaving a hashtag to tweet it at. Take a look. Hundreds of messages, including one from Hasbro itself, showing their support. Even people that didn't like it showed up to thank them for creating the things that they did like.
  • This adorable short music video says so much how the CMC have become the kind of fast companions that will be together long after their cutie marks and destinies are found.
  • The deviation here is utter Nightmare Fuel, but one of the comments here counts as this between Discord and Fluttershy.
  • The entirety of the Children of the Night animation. Magnificent and haunting song aside, the animation manages to be melancholy-inducing and very adorable at the same time (hint: Luna and a bunch of little, cute, gleeful foals. Recipe for heartmelt right there.)
  • Check out any reaction video for "Crusaders of the Lost Mark" and watch the guy visibly tear up during the last few minutes. Yeah, it's safe to say it resonated well.
  • The saga of COH Nature's Fury and Brony Burning Axe, who both quickly shot up the ranks to become two of the show's most popular blind commentators, which also led to their OCs being shipped together by quite a few fans. Which both of them are completely on board with, and Burning Axe has even done a few pictures and animations about it.
  • Brawny Buck's "Moral of the Story" videos analyzing the Aesop of episodes have many heartwarming moments, but his video on "Slice of Life" and The Power of Love deserves special mention.
  • This Tribute to Golden Oaks Library.
  • Another tribute to Golden Oaks and to the power of Twilight's friendships, a touching collab by TheeLinker (of I Animate Ponymotes fame) and fan artist Heir-Of-Rick, set to Cody Simpson's "La Da Dee".
  • Goodbye My Friend. Pinkie makes a new friend out of a sick pony but eventually has to say goodbye. The heartwarming comes when Pinkie, instead of breaking down crying, just smiles and says "Goodbye My Friend". Because Pinkie will always smile no matter what and will always make other ponies smile. The ending shows that her friend is still smiling up in Heaven.