Heartwarming / My Cat from Hell

  • The end of the segments, where the cats have their problems sorted out and are behaving more like Cute Kittens than Cats Are Mean, and often the humans in the household are more relaxed too, now that they don't have their problem cats to argue about.
  • Jackson and Minibar, the feral cat. Minibar's owner wanted to have some sort of emotional connection to the cat, and Jackson spent a lot of extra time with her making it happen. When he comes in on his final visit, he sees Minibar allowing the lady to pet her. Jackson is just over the moon.
  • A guy said that he would propose to his girlfriend if their cat issues were sorted out. At the end of his segment, he makes good on his promise.
  • Jackson's reaction to helping Marco, a scared cat who wasn't getting along well with the family's small dog. Jackson notes that Marco's case reminds him of all the other feral cats he's worked with who were stuck in shelters because they couldn't get over their fear. Marco, however, was, and eventually with clicker training he was coaxed to sit right next to the dog without incident.
  • Pretty much any "My Cat From Heaven" segment from the latter installments is this by design, as these are side-bits featuring owners and their cats who have done stuff like rescue them or family members from dangerous situations.
    Jackson: Go and save an animal because chances are they may save you.
  • At the end of one episode, the woman he just helped gave Jackson a montage of all of the cats he had helped on the show. Jackson was in tears and nearly speechless with gratitude.