Heartwarming: My Big Fat Greek Wedding

  • When Ian is being baptized into the Greek Orthodox Church.
    Toula: He's gonna look at me and say "you're so not worth this!"
    Nick: Yes you are.note 
  • At the wedding, when Gus hands over the wedding gift from him and Maria, and Toula opens it to reveal that they have bought Ian and Toula a house. It shows how much Gus has grown, and his acceptance not only of Ian, but of Toula's choice.
  • Toula and her grandmother really getting to connect the night before her wedding is a beautiful scene.
  • Toula revealing herself as "frump girl" from the Greek Cafe, Ian only replies:
    Ian: I don't remember "frump girl" but I remember you.
  • Toula, after Ian compliments her in an almost-offhand, "it's so obvious" fashion:
    Toula: Did you say I'm beautiful?