Heartwarming / Mutts

  • The strip has a feature where now and then a week will be spent telling the story of a shelter animal from that animal's point of view. Quite a few Tear Jerkers happen with this as well. These are based off of real animals the author has visited.
  • There is also a little girl who passes The Guard Dog's yard on her way to and from school. Sometimes she'll stop and Pet the Dog, and being shown some love does wonders for his outlook on the rest of the day.
  • There was an arc once about someone with a chainsaw about to cut down a certain tree. One day's strip had elderly curmudgeon Frank react, "Oh no, Millie! They can't chop down that tree!!!" His wife Millie was surprised: "I never knew Frank was such an environmentalist!" The tree has "F+M" carved on it.