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Heartwarming: Murdoch Mysteries
  • This sweet little exchange from "Dead End Street" reveals George's love for animals:
    Dr. Ogden: But the death of a cat would be a sufficient motive for murder?
    Constable Crabtree: Yes! As a pet owner, Doctor, I'll vote for that.
  • When Murdoch goes to have a big show down with the Big Bad of season 3, he has a protective shield against the deadly rays. George worries about the horse because it's not protected. D'aw! Murdoch promises to take care of it. D'aww! And he does make sure the horse survives. D'awwww!
  • Crabtree reading to Higgins by his hospital bed in "War on Terror," and then again when he uses his good nature and sweetness to gather information to solve the case.
  • George and Emily's kiss in "Murdoch and the Cloud of Doom." There's even romantic music in the background.

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