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Heartwarming: Mulberry
  • In "Jack The Ripper", Jack has to pay a $2,500 fine or go to prison. Upon hearing his troubles, Mulberry laughs in his face— but then reminds him that she could easily help. She's his best friend, and an heiress. Then she hugs him, saying, "It's pretty hard to find people who won't just take advantage of me."
  • Mulberry's response in "Prison Broke" to Jack's and Taffy's refusal to tell paparazzi her secrets.
  • In "Franken-Berry", Mulberry tells her friends that she participated in an auction for MIT to raise one person Back from the Dead, hoping to reverse Phil Hartman's untimely demise if she won. Unfortunately, she lost to Procter and Gamble, who used MIT's resurrection technology for commercial reasons.
  • The end of "Murphy's Lawn".
  • The BANG!-exclusive "Mulberry Killed the Brenda Starr" has a lengthy sequence where Mulberry and her friends page through old copies of The Oregonian, and recall how much prominence and charm the newspaper once had.
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