Heartwarming / Ms. Marvel (2014)

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    Pre-Secret Wars 

  • Issue #2
    Aamir: I'll get the brothers from the mosque and we'll beat the ever-loving snot out of whoever hurt you!
    • In a sense, the scene shortly after where Kamala and Aamir's parents begin arguing about them. Their mother is yelling about how it was their father's idea to move the family to the U.S., and look what's become of their children, the daughter sneaks out and the son dresses like "a penniless mullah." Aamir and Kamala can be found on the edge of the panel, simultaneously facepalming. It's another sweet little moment that shows a sense of camaraderie between them, because even though Aamir is more fundamentalist in his religion and Kamala is more assimilated, they're in the exact same boat as far as their parents are concerned.
  • Issue #5
    • Yusuf explains to Kamala where she got her name from:
    Yusuf: It's a special name. Kamal means "perfection" in Arabic. Your mother had a very difficult time when she was pregnant with Aamir. After he was born, the doctors told us we couldn't have any more children. We were devastated. Then, five years later, you came along. Our little miracle. I held you in my hands at the hospital — a tiny, screaming, pinkish-brown baby — and thought you were the most perfect thing I had ever seen. That's why we gave you your name.
  • Issue #6
    • Kamala's parents force her to meet with Sheikh Abdullah because she's been sneaking out at night. From what little we've seen and heardnote , we expect him to be a total hard-ass. It turns out he's a Reasonable Authority Figure who, already knowing that she's too headstrong to heed any call to repentance, instead encourages Kamala to continue "helping people", as she describes her late-night activities, but to find a teacher to guide her.
  • Issue #8
    • Kamala meets Lockjaw and gives him a hug. What more can be said?
      • She sees a bunch of people running, looks to see what they were running from, and...
      Kamala: Aww, look at you! You are just the cutest most humongous thing I have ever seen! Who's a good dog? Who's a good bizarro doggie?
      ("Voiceover" caption box): Because when you decide not to be afraid, you can find friends in super unexpected places.
  • Issue #9
    • Kamala finally learns about her Inhuman roots from Medusa and her physician Vinatos, having previously believed herself a mutantnote . Faced with the thought that she's actually "a Pak-American, part-alien, morphogenic nerd", she starts feeling upset:
    Kamala: I am alone in the universe.
    Vinatos: Unique is not the same as alone. A lot of people care about you, Kamala. Queen Medusa in particular. There are many others who share your Inhuman legacy — and one day soon, you'll meet them.
  • Issue #15
    • After Kamala escapes the clutches of Kamran and links up with Bruno, they're still as lost as she previously was until Bruno spots the open door of a garbage chute...
      Kamala: Is this... what I think it is?
      Bruno: Say it. Just say it.
      Kamala: (with an absolutely flattered look) Into the garbage chute, flyboy.
  • Issue #16
    • Bruno and Vick working together to keep looters away from the Circle Q. Because nobody messes with the Carelli brothers.
  • Issue #17
    • It's Earth-616's last day, but Kamala gets to spend part of it teamed up with Carol Danvers. Despite some awkwardness caused by Kamala's fangirling, Carol lets her know that a lot of people think she's doing a good job, and does her best to help Kamala face the end of the world while searching for the kidnapped Aamir.
    • The realization that her world is ending hits Kamala extra-hard when she finds an abandoned house full of cats. All Carol can do is tell her that "You can't save everybody", even as Kamala tearfully cuddles a cat.
  • Issue #18
    • This scene near the end of the issue
    Kamala: I have something to tell you. I'm telling you now because I might not have ever have a chance to tell you again, and I don't want — I don't want to die without telling my Ammi. I don't want the last thing the angels write in my book to be a lie... I am Ms. Marvel.
    Aisha: Oh beta...I know.
    • Before this, there's also Carol giving Kamala a keepsake with both the Captain and Ms Marvel logos on, as a means to officially pass the torch and consider her part of the team. As she leaves, Kamala muses that Carol was completely different than she expected, but even more awesome because of it.
    • When her brother is effected by the fake Terrigen mist and starts developing powers he stands up to Kamran and defends Kamala, making note to shoot down anything he might say about her as well as call out the Double Standard treatment women get in Muslim relationships that turn sour.

    Post-Secret Wars 
  • Issue #6
    • Pretty much the entirety of the wedding, but primarily Aamir and Tyesha seeing each other in each other's cultures' traditional garb.
  • Issue #10
    • How Bruno and Kamala met as kids, bonding over Tween Mutant Samurai Turtles. Special points go to Mr and Mrs.Khan for paying for Bruno to go on a field trip after finding out that his legal guardians were struggling to make ends meet.
  • Issue #13
    • While nothing much major is made of it, the fact that Ms. Marvel in costume and Nakia worked together shows that the bad rep Kamala got due to the Hope Yards incident has started to clear up.
  • Issue #15
    • Kamala and her friends at lunch. Nakia consoles Mike, who is still extremely broken up over Bruno's departure but feels like she can't let herself show it, and Kamala invites a girl who had been getting harassed over private texts that were made public to sit with them.
  • Issue #16
    • Zoe finally confesses her love for Nakia as the two of them sit in the park to watch the sunset. Though Nakia can't reciprocate Zoe's love, she explains that Zoe's come a long way from the self-centered "concern troll" in the beginning of the series and is proud to be her friend if nothing else. The scene ends with the two sharing a hug.
  • Issue #17
    • Zoe arrives to school after her love letters to Nakia have been leaked by the villain Ms. Marvel has been fighting, and immediately she gets stares and students openly mocking her, driving her to silent tears. Then out of nowhere Nakia hugs Zoe, followed by Kamala, Michaela, Gabe and many other students, showering her with kindness and support.
  • Issue #18
    • Bruno's Wakandan roommate tries to steal a chunk of Vibranium to help Bruno. A reason that T'Challa approved of even while telling him to never steal his stuff again.
  • Issue #25
    • All of kamala's friends acting as Ms. Marvel after she disappears.
  • Issue #28
    • Kamala finally has a heart-to-heart with Carol Danvers, where we find out that Carol never hated Kamala at all for the events of her tie-in — Carol took it as Kamala growing up and she decided to give her space.
  • Issue #29
    • The birth of Aamir and Tyesha's son, Malik Theodore, and Kamala's incredible giddy high about being an aunt: "I feel like I'm in a musical! I'm ten seconds away from bursting into song like some kind of princess who talks to animals and always has great hair!"

    Appearances in Other Series 
  • Amazing Spider-Man #7
    • Even as Kamala is fangirling over Spider-Man, he pays her a heartfelt compliment.
    Spider-Man: You remind me of a web-headed whippersnapper who always wondered how HE was doing. And he thinks YOU'RE doing great.
    • Right before that, a mom and dad thank her for saving their child and say she's "a real hero". Her response is an understated "I'm trying."
  • Meta example: in San Francisco, Islamophobic ads by hate group Freedom Defence Initiative are being run on buses. In response, somebody has defaced them with pictures of Kamala.
  • Kamala and Nova (Sam) having a heart to heart after both are kicked off the Avengers. Especially heartwarming given how frequently they bickered beforehand only for Kamala to learn that Sam got kicked off the Avengers for trying to argue on her behalf and call out Vision on doctoring the photos that got Kamala kicked out.
  • In All-New, All-Different Avengers #7, The Vision shows up to make amends for unjustly expelling her from the team when he was under control of Kang by giving her a special set of goggles... that allow her to relieve the Avengers' greatest moments and be part of the action. Vision's confused looks as she tearfully hugs him for it sells it.
  • Spider-Man #8, Kamala is left in tears after witnessing Bruce Banner's murder, which Carol Danvers was partially responsible for. As she's crying and asking how Carol could let something so horrible happen, both Miles and Sam hold her hand and comfort her.