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Heartwarming: Ms Marvel 2014
  • Issue #2
    Aamir: I'll get the brothers from the mosque and we'll beat the ever-loving snot out of whoever hurt you!
    • In a sense, the scene shortly after where Kamala and Aamir's parents begin arguing about them. Their mother is yelling about how it was their father's idea to move the family to the U.S., and look what's become of their children, the daughter sneaks out and the son dresses like "a penniless mullah." Aamir and Kamala can be found on the edge of the panel, simultaneously facepalming. It's another sweet little moment that shows a sense of camaraderie between them, because even though Aamir is more fundamentalist in his religion and Kamala is more assimilated, they're in the exact same boat as far as their parents are concerned.
  • Issue #5
    • Yusuf explains to Kamala where she got her name from:
    Yusuf: It's a special name. Kamal means "perfection" in Arabic. Your mother had a very difficult time when she was pregnant with Aamir. After he was born, the doctors told us we couldn't have any more children. We were devastated. Then, five years later, you came along. Our little miracle. I held you in my hands at the hospital — a tiny, screaming, pinkish-brown baby — and thought you were the most perfect thing I had ever seen. That's why we gave you your name.
  • Issue #6
    • Kamala's parents force her to meet with Sheikh Abdullah because she's been sneaking out at night. From what little we've seen and heardnote , we expect him to be a total hard-ass. It turns out he's a Reasonable Authority Figure who, already knowing that she's too headstrong to heed any call to repentance, instead encourages Kamala to continue "helping people", as she describes her late-night activities, but to find a teacher to guide her.
  • Issue #8
    • Kamala meets Lockjaw and gives him a hug. What more can be said?
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