Heartwarming / Moviebob

  • Episode 52 is rather serious but early on there is his enthusiasm of the Tanooki suit in Super Mario 3D.
  • Bob talking about Up and Toy Story 3 and how much he likes them.
  • His enthusiasm about Super Mario 3D.
  • Episode 66 of TGO, in which Bob spends about nine minutes listing off all the things he loves about video games, ranging from individual characters to moments from his childhood.
  • His Big Picture "Depth of a Salesman", in which he laments Nintendo Power and talks about how it shaped him.
  • His special where he, the Omegathinker, and the Retrothinker stand in silence as video game music plays over covers of Nintendo Power.
  • At the end of his film review of Oblivion, he sincerely thanked his fans for their concern and support during the Boston Marathon bombings.