Heartwarming / Mother of Learning

  • In Chapter 18, when Zorian suddenly realizes that Kirielle not only isn't a Spoiled Brat, but that their parents are as or more repressive to her than to him.
    Zorian: They aren't going to send you to a mage academy...
    Kirielle: [shakes her head] They say I don't need it. They already have a marriage arranged for me when I turn 15.
    Zorian: [coldly] Well, isn't that nice for them. You know what, Kiri? You're right. It's not the same. I had to defy mother and father all by myself ... you, on the other hand, have me.
  • When they try to interrupt the summoning ritual, Zorian finds himself in a tricky spot with a deadly spell headed straight towards him. Luckily, Xvim shields him. However, Xvim has run out of mana, so he steps in front of the spell to shield Zorian with his body.