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Heartwarming: Monty Python
  • At a 2002 tribute concert to George Harrison (himself a longtime Python fan, who created Handmade Films simply because he wanted to see Monty Pythons Life Of Brian), the Pythons reunited to perform "Sit On My Face" and "The Lumberjack Song". At the end of the performance, the chorus of Mounties turned to the portrait of George Harrison and delivered a British military salute, before marching off, chanting, "Spam, spam, spam, spam..."
  • The reaction to John Cleese's "freeloading bastard" joke at Graham Chapman's funeral is this for the simple reason that it got the reaction that Cleese wanted... it lifted their spirits.
  • At the final performance of the reunion concerts in July 2014 during the Dead Parrot Sketch John Cleese added "He's gone to meet Dr. Chapman" to the list of euphemisms for death. Both Cleese and Michael Palin then paused and proffered a thumbs up towards heaven while the audience burst into applause.
  • Among the songs reworked or rewritten for the final reunion show was an update of "The Penis Song," formerly consisting of a single verse now expanded to three to include vaginas and butts for equal opportunity. Obscene, sure, but it shows that the Pythons have acknowledged that their fanbase does, in fact, include women.
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