Heartwarming / Mitsudomoe

  • The scene during the end credits of episode 13 where Hitoha, Futaba and Mitsuba rush off to the amusement park smiling is quite touching.
  • Episode 12: After countless misunderstandings, Hitoha finally admits to the class that she likes the Gachiranger, expecting to be ridiculed. Instead, it turns out that nearly everyone else is a fan as well, and she's greeted with warmth and acceptance. The mood gets killed when Miyashita (who had been trying to befriend Hitoha all day) mentions that she likes the green ranger. The problem? There is no green ranger. She hadn't seen the show before at all.
  • Soujirou is actually pretty good at these. In particular the episode where he plays with Futaba the night before the sports fest.
  • Miku's resentful that her mother doesn't pay attention to her on parent's days; her mother overhears, hugs and comforts her and everybody claps in the background. Then it gets subverted:
    Miku's mother: Next time we go shopping I'll buy you a whole store's worth of your favorite brand of shoes.
    Miku: No, two! I want two stores! <everybody around them gets Blank White Eyes and Mitsuba and Miyashita in particular get Cross-Popping Veins>
  • The end of Season 2, Episode 8. Especially after Soujirou's flashback.
    Soujirou: What's wrong with me...? My little girls from that day are still here, right in front of me. Nothing's changed. They're just a little bigger, a little stronger... a little kinder.
    • Once upon a time in a little town, there lived three adorable little girls. And they're still together, in a little town living happily ever after.
      • The same episode has a smaller CMOH, when Hitoha finally is able to tell Yabecchi that she loves the Gachi Rangers, and they gush over their favorite moments in the show together.