Heartwarming: Midway

  • While Spruance is visiting him in the hospital, Halsey gives the nervous man a much needed pep-talk to reassure him of his ability.
    Spruance: I just want to thank you for recommending me to take your task force to sea. Now I have a question for you... Did that itch, go to your head?
    Halsey: (amused chuckle) Stop underestimating yourself, Ray. Any Skipper who could keep his cruisers and destroyers alongside of my carriers, from one end of the Pacific to the other, is definitely the man for the job.
    Spruance: You and I are uh aw, Bill, we're kind of different! Do you think I can pull it off the same way you could have?
    Halsey: (calmly) I can only tell you this Ray- You play it the way you feel it, not the way you think I'd play it. You go to sea, you find Yamamoto, and chew his ass! Now, that's all there is to it.

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