Heartwarming: Midnight Run

  • Midnight Run is mostly an action film and a good one, but one of the reasons the film was so well-reviewed was the scene in which an out-of-money Jack goes to his ex-wife's house in Chicago with Mardukas in tow, in the hope of borrowing his ex-wife's car. She lends him the car, but the heart of the scene is when Jack's teenage daughter Denise, who he hasn't seen in nine (!) years, comes down the stairs and meets her estranged dad and his prisoner. The awkwardness of the conversation, and Jack's fumbling attempts to connect with her, are moving (and funny) but the clincher is when Jack is about to leave and Denise attempts to give him the money she's earned babysitting, to help him get to LA. He tells her he can't take it, and indeed doesn't, but even though the scene is played with amazing restraint — no hugs or tears — it's the most moving bit of the film.
  • The final moments of the film. Jack gets Mardukas to LA on time, and he phones Eddie from LAX to confirm that he kept his word — and then informs Eddie that he's letting Mardukas go. Mardukas is so surprised and delighted that he gives Jack the money belt he's been wearing all the way through the film, and disappears, so Jack finally has more than enough money to open that coffee shop, even if he hasn't got enough loose change to pay for his cab home.