Heartwarming / Michiko & Hatchin

  • In episode seven, Hatchin quarrels multiple times with a group of boys who charge 'fees' for using the river. After she nearly drowns in a swimming match trying to get her stuff back, the boys rescue her and bring her back to her hotel. Her belongings are sitting neatly beside her when she wakes up.
  • The scene in which Hatchin refuses to let go of an unconscious Michiko who is hanging on a hot air balloon over sea, which signifies that she has started to care for her after all. Wet suits ensue.
    "I'll protect you, Michiko!"
  • Pretty much any part where Michiko and Hatchin reunite in their adventure. Mama Bear hugs and warm and fuzzy feelings abound.
  • In episode 17, Michiko and Hatchin are having their picture taken together, and Michiko tries to get Hatchin to smile. Much giggling ensues.
  • Episode 18, where Hatchin chases a guy and breaks into his home... to make Michiko smile again!
    • The fact that the guy in question helps her even though she broke into his place counts too. He even dances with her.
  • The ending.
    • The last few shots with Hatchin and Michiko hugging in the sunrise coupled with this line:
    • Michiko giving up her freedom willingly to make sure Hatchin will be safe.
    • Hatchin growing up to be an amazing mother to her son.