[[folder:Metro Books]]
* Early in the book, the men guarding the posts have been seeing something in the shadows. It turns out to be a puppy, which is brought up to the fire and given something to chew on. It's a nice little moment that shows how, despite the generally terrible situation humanity is in, there is still some kindness in the metro.
* In 2034, when Sasha remembers that her and her father's exile from their home station when she was a young girl, it is mentioned that one of the guards tried to cheer her up and distract her from the situation with a shadow puppet show. It doesn't work, but he really tried to make her smile.
* Also in 2034, Homer's quest to write an epic for the Metro in the style of the epic poems of old (hence his nickname) is pretty heartwarming. Homer is one of the few men who still believes that there's good in humanity, and hopes that his epic will detail the great deeds of the men of his era.
[[folder:Metro 2033 (Game)]]
* Even though it's a slightly irritating EscortMission, the mission where Artyom carries a child survivor of Hole Station to safety is adorable because of how much of a CheerfulChild Sasha is. He warns Artyom when enemies are about, tells him about ammo caches and even points out when there one of the OneHitKill holes around to avoid. The crowner of Artyom's time with him is when Artyom carries him up a cistern and Sasha is amazed by the sight of the sky. One would think Artyom managed to put the hope that the surface will be reclaimed into that boy. [[spoiler: A much better fate than his book counterpart, [[EatenAlive Oleg.]]]]
** For even more heartwarming, his mother's overjoyed reaction to you bringing him back to her. You can even turn down her reward!