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Heartwarming: Mel Blanc
  • Mel Blanc almost died in 1961, when the car he was driving was hit in a head-on collision by a reckless driver. For 12 days, he hovered near death, gravely injured — it was said that nearly every bone in his body was broken — in a coma. Finally, the doctors, stumped as to how he could be brought out, hit on an idea — one of the doctors clapped his hands and asked "Bugs, can you hear me? Bugs, can you hear me?" On cue, out of nowhere, Mel, in perfect character said, weakly, "What's up, doc?" The doctor then asked if Porky Pig could hear him, and again, in character, the response was "I c-c-c-c-can hear you." After the doctor talked to a few more of his famous characters, Mel was coaxed out of his coma. In effect the characters he created may have saved his life.
    • Jack Benny, who was a very close friend of Blanc's, went to the hospital every day while Blanc was in his coma. At times where he couldn't drive there personally, he called Blanc's son Noel to drive him there.
  • Blanc loved people — so much so, that he answered every piece of his fan mail personally, and would often honor requests by fans to call up their children on their birthday in character. He even bought a CB radio during its fad period and would communicate with fans over it. His handle? Bugs Bunny, naturally. (One wonders what would have happened had he survived into the days of Facebook and Twitter.)
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