Heartwarming / McDonald's

  • In this ad from the 1980s, Birdie is having a hard time learning how to fly. Just when she's feeling to discouraged to try anymore, Ronald says "Try once more! Do it for me!" Her other friends give her encouragement, too, and through the Power of Friendship, Birdie is able to fly!
  • I give it to the famous Ice Skating commercial.
  • One of its slogans was a CMOH: "We love to see you smile."
    • Here's one of the more heartwarming commercials to go along with it.
  • This Swedish ad is oddly touching.
  • This Dutch advert from the 1990s.
  • These two holiday-themed commercials with Ronald McDonald. YMMV, as they can also come off as creepy, if The Nostalgia Critic is to be believed.
  • This Christmas commercial from 1987, involving Birdie and Grimace finding a star to give to Ronald for a present. However, the star is unable to twinkle, so Ronald returns it to the sky.