Heartwarming / Mass Vexations

  • After Art manages to save Wrex's life on Virmire, Art says goodbye to him. Wrex's reply:
    Wrex: You've been the best friend I've made in hundreds of years. And if something happens, I'll have a tough time trying to forget you. Or wanting to.
  • Tali gets one in of her own with the You Are Not Alone example below.
  • Art and Tali repairing their friendship after her Loyalty mission, especially since it turns out she was terrified for him when he went off to save her father.
  • Art and Tali confessing their love for one another certainly counts.
  • Art plays counsellor to a random asari on the Citadel. He ends up convincing her not to commit suicide, gives her enough money to go somewhere else, and starts a chain of events that saves a number of lives. He didn't have a clue who she was, he just did it because it seemed like a good idea.
  • Herr Wozzeck re-writing a lot of Mass Vexations 3 counts as this as well, showing that he can take constructive criticism to heart.
  • Art goes back to Miami and finds that his sister founded a shelter for disabled kids, in memory of his brother.