Heartwarming / Mary Poppins

The books

  • Jane's description of the Bird Woman's and the birds' nightly activities, which ends with the Bird Woman tucking tired birds underneath her skirt the way a mother hen tucks her chicks in her nest.
  • The day that Mary Poppins leaves the Banks family for the first time, she gives Jane a letter signed, "Au revoir." When Jane asks Mrs. Brill the cook what "Au revoir" means, Mrs. Brill answers, "...I think, Miss Jane dear, it means ‘To Meet Again’.”
  • The fact that Arthur Turvy's maid, Topsy Tartlet, genuinely enjoys his quirks provides a heartwarming contrast with the maids of the other human relatives of Mary Poppins that the Banks children meet, especially after Arthur and Topsy become Happily Married.note 
  • After the birth of Annabel, Mr. Banks sternly reminds Mrs. Banks now hard it will become to support a fifth child, but proceeds to joyously tell Admiral Boom of the new arrival.
  • Mary Poppins wears a locket containing a portrait in Mary Poppins Comes Back. She forbids the Banks children from seeing the portrait until after the chain breaks, on the night she leaves again. The portrait shows Mary Poppins smiling while the Banks children gather around her.
  • Since the first chapter of Mary Poppins Opens the Door takes place on Guy Fawke's Day, P.L. Travers begins the book by explaining who Guy Fawkes was, and what people in England do to honor this holiday. She then laments how World War II has put a hold on Guy Fawke's Day celebrations, but confidently expresses hope that the traditions will become revived once the war ends.
  • On New Year's Day, Michael asks Mary Poppins if he and the other kids will live Happily Ever After, like the literary characters they met at the party the night before. Mary Poppins doesn't give a definite yes or no answer, but seems to believe in the chance that they will find it.
  • At the end of Mary Poppins Opens the Door, the Banks children swear that they will never forget their lessons and experiences with Mary Poppins.

The movie

  • Jane and Michael's advertisement song was a very heartwarming moment. They were just so sweet! (except maybe that part about toads, pepper, and stolen glasses!)
  • The song "Let's Go Fly A Kite" is a very heartwarming song.
    Jane: (On their mended kite) However did you manage it?
    Mr. Banks: With tuppence for paper and string, you can have your own set of wings...
    • And when he starts singing to everyone, and everyone even the staff start singing. Then Mrs Banks uses her Suffragette Scarf to make the tail and all four go skipping off happily together, as Mary Poppins watches, looking sad for a moment, but then smiles.
  • Mr Banks' epiphany moment in the bank, where he realises he has been so focused on his work and appearing respectable, he hasn't been there for his children... so he skips down the street, umbrella inside out, hat ripped and flowerless, to make a kite for him and his family to fly together.
    • It's also a moving Call Back to the beginning. When Constable Jones referred to Jane and Michael as his "valuables", he was confused, but now, he understands that they are very valuable indeed.
      • What's best about it is how it's preceded by an absolutely ridiculous ritual that the bank workers give him as part of being fired, and Banks seems to internally realize just how stupid this is and has no idea what to even say to it...until he looks down at the tuppence and finally remembers... supercalifragilisticexpialidocius! Then not only has he come to realize the value of his family, but also how frivolous his work seems in comparison.
    Banks: Actually, do you know what there's no such thing as? It turns out, with due respect, when all is said and done, that there's no such thing as YOU!
  • Mr and Mrs Banks' reunion after his dismissal. No more proof is needed: these two are Happily Married.
  • Somewhat sad, but also heartwarming that the head of the bank died laughing at a joke.
    Dawes Jr: Capital bit of humor. Wooden leg names Smith. . . or Jones,whatever it was. Father died laughing!
    George Banks: I'm so sorry, sir!
    Dawes Jr: Oh no, nonsense! Nothing to be sorry about. Never seen him happier in his life. (puts a boutonnière on Banks) He left an opening for a new partner. Congratulations.
    Banks: Thank you, sir... Thank you very much, sir!
    • Ultimately, there's nothing sad about that at all. The way Dawes Sr. was living his life was apparently very miserable. For him to finally find some honest to goodness joy and happiness again in his last moments of living is good.
  • "All around the cathedral, the saints and apostles look down as she sells her wares. Although you can't see them, you know they are smiling, each time someone shows that he cares."
  • There is also the profoundly relieving moment when Jane and Michael get lost in the East end slums, and run into a dark man who seems to abduct him, only to turn out to be their good trusted friend, Bert. Instantly, the fearful atmosphere turns into a caring one as the worldly wise chimney sweep reassures them that their father certainly does not hate them, but is a lonely soul who could use their help.
  • Mary and Bert's duet, particularly if like them as a couple.