Heartwarming / Marvel One-Shots

The Consultant

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor's Hammer
  • There's something sweet about Coulson's interaction with the cashier. His utter nonchalance about the situation and completely calm manner while purchasing the donuts is very reassuring in a quiet, unassuming way. His good-natured and humorous response to her question is just sugar on the cake.

Item 47
  • "I'm always right. I'm always right about you."
  • Benny and Claire cuddling alone in their hotel room. They both looked so happy to finally never have to worry about money again...
  • Sitwell hiring the two to SHIELD, rather than killing them like he was ordered to.

Agent Carter
  • Peggy still has the picture of pre-serum Steve taken at Boot Camp in her desk.
  • Howard Stark asking Peggy to help him run SHIELD. Despite the earlier flirting from Stark, the two appear to still be good friends.

All Hail the King
  • Even if he's let the infamy go to his head, the delight in Trevor's reaction to seeing that the interviewer actually found some footage from the Caged Heat pilot is disarming.