->'''Nebula:''' All you do is yell at each other. You're not friends.\\
'''Drax:''' No. We're ''family''.
-->--Drax defines the Guardians relationship to Nebula, ''Film/GuardiansOfTheGalaxyVol2''.

In a universe full of traumatic origin stories, [[AncientConspiracy ancient conspiracies]] by [[ComicBook/{{Hydra}} neo-facists]] and [[TheUndead undead]] [[CarnivalOfKillers assassins]], and [[ComicBook/{{Thanos}} a madman]] plotting to destroy all life in the universe, there is more than danger and trauma. There are people coming together to do what's right.

[[AC:Phase One]]
* ''Heartwarming/IronMan1''
* ''Heartwarming/TheIncredibleHulk''
* ''Heartwarming/IronMan2''
* ''Heartwarming/{{Thor}}''
* ''Heartwarming/CaptainAmericaTheFirstAvenger''
* ''Heartwarming/{{The Avengers|2012}}''

[[AC:Phase Two]]
* ''Heartwarming/IronMan3''
* ''Heartwarming/ThorTheDarkWorld''
* ''Heartwarming/CaptainAmericaTheWinterSoldier''
* ''Heartwarming/GuardiansOfTheGalaxy''
* ''Heartwarming/AvengersAgeOfUltron''
* ''Heartwarming/AntMan''

[[AC:Phase Three]]
* ''Heartwarming/CaptainAmericaCivilWar''
* ''Heartwarming/{{Doctor Strange|2016}}''
* ''Heartwarming/GuardiansOfTheGalaxyVol2''
* ''Heartwarming/SpiderManHomecoming''

* ''Heartwarming/MarvelOneShots''
* ''Heartwarming/AgentsOfSHIELD''
* ''Heartwarming/AgentCarter''
* ''[[Heartwarming/Daredevil2015 Daredevil]]''
* ''[[Heartwarming/JessicaJones2015 Jessica Jones]]''
* ''[[Heartwarming/LukeCage2016 Luke Cage]]''
* ''[[Heartwarming/IronFist2017 Iron Fist]]''

* Seeing how often the actors take advantage of their celebrity and roles to make others' lives better in the real world, from [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEx5lmbCKtY RDJ (in character as Tony Stark) gifting a boy with an arm prosthetic designed to look like Iron Man's armor]] to [[http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/03/10/chris-pratt-chris-evans-seattle-hospital-visit_n_6839454.html Chris Pratt and Chris Evans raising money for children's hospitals, followed by visiting said hospitals dressed as Star-Lord and Captain America.]] There's something heartwarming about people who play superheroes actually acting like them in real life.
* Both Creator/ChadwickBoseman and Creator/BrieLarson have talked about how important their characters are as the MCU's first black and female leads, respectively. Boseman has said he is proud to give black children a hero to look up to, while Larson has said one of her motivations for taking the role was to provide a role model for little girls. ''Black Panther'' Ryan Coogler echoed the sentiment, noting how superhero films have a reputation for usually focusing on {{White Male Lead}}s.
* Mike Colter's fellow Defenders actors all crashing his Facebook interview after ''Luke Cage'' was released. Much adorableness ensues as they all share how much they'd seen of the show, plus Colter and Finn Jones immediately hitting it off in the first time they'd actually met, and Charlie Cox sharing that he's just become a father.
* [[https://twitter.com/ChrisEvans/status/796391264480595968 This tweet]] from Chris Evans. He ''is'' Captain America.