Heartwarming / Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

Well, the series is about saving the world, in a way.

  • The first episode of the anime is pretty heartwarming all the way through, due to the deep idealism inherent to the Demon King's plans being played up to the extreme.
  • "Maou-sama, this cottage is too big for me to handle alone. May I hire some maids?"
  • The look on Head Maid's face when Little Sis Maid gives her the present.
  • After Hero has been in the Demon World for almost a year, war is approaching and Maou begins to have doubts for the first time. She quietly says to the doll she received for the festival that she wants him to cheer her up. Hero walks in the door and does just that, having teleported home to spend the festival with her.
  • Maou reveals her identity to Lady Knight, who reveals she already knew and has chosen to believe in her and Hero anyway.
  • At the victory party, Female Knight and Hero share a moment where Female Knight nearly confesses. Archer pulls a Moment Killer, and shoos Female Knight back to the party where everyone is looking for her. However, he then has a truly heart warming moment where he apologizes for isolating Hero due to his overwhelming power, and swears to help create a place where Hero won't be isolated again.
  • When Demon Queen is possessed by a Demon Lord, Head Maid recites all of the reasons why she followed Demon Queen in the first place, which is why she'll never follow something so lowly as a Demon Lord.
  • In episode 5, Hero saves a demon girl from getting raped.
  • In episode 9, the Crimson Scholar (actually a disguised Big Sister Maid) responds to charges of heresy from the Central Church (coupled with bloody scourging and a pillory) with a moving and defiant speech about human rights and freedom. You Are Better Than You Think You Are to the whole populace, herself included. The peasantry hurls stones intended to kill the Scholar at the priests who organized it all, the Lady Knight declares her a saint, and the Winter King places her under his protection, marveling that he "had no idea such pride dwelt in the hearts of (his) people." Not bad at all for someone who just a little while before the speech was brought to broken tears by a sense of her own powerlessness.
  • By the end of the manga adaptation, we learn that The Lady Knight, Hero, and Maou live together peacefully, with one daughter and one son by each girl.