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Heartwarming: Magi - Labyrinth of Magic
  • Aladdin could wish for anything in the world, yet wishes for Uugo to be his friend.
  • Could count as heartwarming as well as a Tear Jerker: Goltas' final words to Morgiana.
  • Hakuei promises to be fair to the Kouga Clan on behalf of the Kou Empire. It's too bad that things didn't go that smoothly in reality...
    • Baba reassuring her clan and Aladdin that everything will be okay even after her death.
  • Balbadd's King, Rashid Saluja, confesses, on his deathbed, that he really did love Anise to Alibaba, his son.
  • Sahbmad putting his trust in Alibaba to make everything right.
  • All of Balbadd coming to support Alibaba in his attempt to make Ahbmad see reason.
  • Alibaba saving Cassim in the end and letting him die as himself.
  • Aladdin using Solomon's Wisdom to let the survivors in Balbadd see their deceased loved ones once more.
  • Morgiana asking to stay together with Aladdin and Alibaba. The fact that she is able to notice that she really ''didn't" need to ask for their permission and the happiness it gives her to know that she has their support is just damn sweet and wonderful!
  • Sinbad and his generals' backstories. There's a reason for their Undying Loyalty, of course.
  • He might have been a Grade A Jerkass, but Ahbmad's Heel-Face Turn and subsequent realization of the error of his ways after he was deposed was quite nice to see.
  • Hakuryuu surprising everyone with his cordiality and humbleness when he meets our heroes in Sindria. Especially when he thanks Aladdin for saving his beloved sister.
  • Kougyoku and Alibaba sharing their similar pasts and becoming friends.
    • Kougyoku promises to not betray her friends nor Sindria for her Empire. Recent events have turned her statement in a quite sad situation as she is currently being mind controlled by Sinbad and unknowingly "betraying" her family... Even though she wishes for both sides to fight together and not against each other.
  • Aladdin befriending Kouha. Kouha braiding Aladdin's hair must be one of the most cute things ever!
  • The Chancellor, despite his Blue and Orange Morality, truly and honestly seems cares about Aladdin's well-being, as well as that of his fellow students, and his mentors. He may be racist to the point of sociopathy, but he still cares for those he considers his people.
  • Cassim's Rukh helping Alibaba avoid falling into depravity. It just shows that Cassim always cared for his friend, and now that he's in a better place and with the gift of hindsight, he wants to help protect and guide his friend so that he doesn't end up the same way.
  • The entirety of Alibaba and Aladdin's reunion. Alibaba risks the retaliation of an entire empire just to protect his friend. Its also great to see that in spite of their elevated status, they still treat each other with the same joking respect that they have had since the beginning. Even Lady Scheherazade's clone can't help but laugh at their antics.
  • In Chapter 181, Kouha's first action when his army was attacked by the Black Djinn was to enlarge his sword and use it as a shield to protect his men. Then he shows that he knew all those who have died by their names. Roaring Rampage of Revenge follows.
  • In the fight against Al-Thamen's The "Father", the Kou Empire siblings—initially portrayed as bunch of imperialists blood knights—fight side by side, protecting each other, and taking care of each other. Kougyoku punches the Medium full of holes after Kouen gets injured, Kouha became enraged after the Medium attacked Kougyoku, and not to mention Koumei DROPS A FUCKING MOUNTAIN OVER THE MEDIUM'S HEAD after Kouha gets ripped apart.
    • Kouen (to Alibaba): "My brothers and sisters are brave, aren't they?"
  • In Chapter 185, Titus uses the last of his life to purify Mogamett.
  • Sphintus' mourning the loss of Titus as he clings onto the unconscious Marga. Just goes to show how much he really cared for him.
    • Then, in Chapter 198, Scheherazade allows Titus to be reincarnated in her place, allowing him the life he always dreamed of. You can't help but smile at the reunion between him, Aladdin, Sphintus and Marga, who wakes up just as he arrived.
    • But also it really cements the fact that Scheherazade does love Titus as the son she never had, as she would rather let him reborn as the next magi than keep living herself. It's really beautiful.
  • Chapter 198 gives us another one. Way back when she first met Yunan, he told her that if she continued to the other side of the Great Rift to meet the Fanalis, she would never be able to return, so obviously, she stayed, choosing to help her friends instead of accomplish her dream of meeting others of her kind. Then Chapter 198 gives us this scene from a single throw-away panel: Alibaba introducing Morgiana to Alexis Mu, commander of the Fanalis Corps. She's clearly nervous and shy, but he's just holding out his hand for her to shake, already welcoming her and acknowledging her as an equal. After giving up on her dream for her friends, her friends help her make her dream come true anyway, in a manner of speaking.
  • Chapter 204: While it's sort of hampered by Alibaba's breakdown in the chapter due to a misunderstanding in the previous chapter, Morgiana explaining to him that it isn't that she isn't interested in forming a relationship with him, but it's that she doesn't understand romance since as a slave she never thought she had a choice in a relationship. But she admits that she does like Alibaba and if he would have patience with her and let her teach her, maybe they could be together one day..
    • It's small and kind of funny, but Alibaba's entourage, not only sees his breakdown and don't judge him for it, but they are grateful to see it judging him as honest and willing to share with them. He thinks they're making fun of him but the audience knows they are sincere, even Morgiana cutely admits that she likes that part of Alibaba too.
  • In Chapter 210: Kougyoku is really really happy to see her friend again!
    • Also in this chapter, Kougyoku proves her Spoiled Sweet nature by trying to help Alibaba when she notices that he's feeling down. So to cheer him up she says that he can tell her anything while also telling him about how peaceful the world is becoming and how she will help keep it that way, not knowing that she, while indirectly, is one of the many things causing Alibaba's angst.
  • Chapter 211: When Muu speaks with Morgiana and finally someone tells her about the Fanalis' homeland!!
    • Plus his devotion to Scheherazade and the Reim Empire is just so sweet and wonderful... And then seeing Muu and Scheherazade meeting for the first time and looking so adorable!
    • Morgiana agreeing with his loyalty towards his "hero" and saying that she also has two great heroes on "this side" and that's why she won't go back to their homeland.
  • In Chapter 212, Kouen tells Alibaba that in any empire or organization, it's inevitable that someone will eventually betray you and you can't even trust your own subordinates when it becomes that large. When asked if he doesn't trust anyone, Kouen simply states he trusts his brothers.

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