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Heartwarming: Madlax
  • The ending of Madlax, which happily marries it with Margaret's Crowning Moment Of Awesome, as after defeating the Big Bad Nietzsche Wannabe, she splits herself in three again, allowing Madlax and Laetitia to live their own lives without abandoning them like she did before.
    • That's your CMoH? What about Margaret's Wish?
      Margaret: What do I want? What is my Wish?
      Hallucination of Vanessa: Hey Margaret, I decided to stop by for dinner.
      Hallucination of Elenore: Miss Margaret, I'm afraid there will be less for us now.
      Hallucination of Carrossea: These flowers are beautiful, don't you agree, Margaret Burton?
      Margaret: What I desire from the Era, my one true Wish? That's easy. I already knew.
      Margaret touches the Door of Truth; her voice echoes as her Wish is fulfilled.
      • This Troper wept so many Manly Tears at that that he nearly died of dehydration.
    • It's only too bad it gets offset by Madlax hitting the road with the woman who killed her best friend shortly before that.

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