Heartwarming / LittleBigPlanet

  • The ending of the second game prompts this soliloquy from the narrator:
    Do not take lightly your hopes, your ideas, your fantasies. Let them grow. Nurture them. Then your wildest imaginings will soon trip the dream fantastic, soaring into the Wonderplane, and spreading into something altogether... magnificent. And perhaps you’ll see them again, the next time you visit LittleBigPlanet.
  • However cheesy it may be, it's pretty nice that the characters forgive the Collector in the first game.
  • The mechanics of the Wonderplane itself is heartwarming to think about. It's nice to know that all your imaginings go to a place they call home and have a place to thrive and take on a life of their own!
  • The third game has a secret room in the second-to-last level, and it's pretty cute. Even when he's evil, Newton ''still'' cares about his parents!