Heartwarming / Liar Game: Roots of A

  • The patient Kyo (gifted at darts) is playing a game of darts for his freedom from the abusive Green Mountain Starlight Park "treatment center" (you must see to believe). After defeating an employee (with a perfect score against a former US champion!) the director brought in the hopes of crushing Kyo, the director forces one last challenge: throw a dart into the apricot in Minoru's mouth (which would be bad for Minoru if Kyo misses). After Minoru gives a Rousing Speech that all the patients had potential and were not sub-human, Kyo throws the dart right into the apricot and wins his freedom with great applause from the patients. We later learn that the patients were released and returned back to their peaceful lives, the director (and presumably the rest of the staff) were arrested, and that Kyo won the darts World Championships with another perfect score. Truly inspiring.