* In ''Wyatt Crosses Over'', Angie encouraging Wyatt to transfer to the prestigious school that invited him to study there. [[spoiler: When it turns out that the invitation was a trap, she then charges into Crosstown High by herself to rescue him.]]
* The gang's ItHasBeenAnHonor moment when they think Maldark is about to kill them:
-->'''Angie:''' Wyatt, Lyle, it's been nice knowing you. Dante, you know where we stand.\\
'''Dante:''' Right back at you, Angie.
* The group enjoying the dance at the season finale. It shows how far they have come as friends and that they enjoy hanging out together even when they aren't fighting monsters.
* Angie's response when her brother, Joaquin, asks her what her favorite thing about being in Neverfail is:
-->'''Angie:''' These guys are my best friends. Why wouldn't I want to hang out with them all the time?