Heartwarming / Legend of Mana

  • The strange pronouncements of the Sproutlings, and the creatures themselves, will either come across as this or as vaguely creepy.
  • All the people who show up at your house to teach you things and build you places to apply that knowledge.
  • Everything pertaining to Bud and Lisa. They're a pair of pint sized, orphaned twin sorcerers who you first encounter in Domina, where they're devising some kind of nonsensical plot to take over the world....with pumpkins.
    Lisa: Rule the world....with pumpkins? As IF!
    • After the battle is over, Bud begs you to make them your apprentices. If you say yes they'll move in with you, and you'll have access to events you wouldn't have if you'd said no.
    • The strange and somewhat silly adventure in the Junkyard, where the kids make it out by recalling advice their deceased father gave them.
    Heroes there are many, but there is but one father of Bud and Lisa.
    • Both kids carry around a Tragic Keepsake that used to belong to their parents. Lisa uses her father's broom and Bud wields his mother's frying pan.
    • If you take one of the kids with you to Geo, they'll have something to say to each student there. They remember each one of them, and each one of them remembers them.
    • At the end of the Jumi arc, the main character is late coming home. The kids sit by the attic window to watch for them. When Elazul and Pearl arrive without the main character in tow, Lisa will fall to her knees in despair. Then when your character abruptly arrives, both children enthusiastically glomp them.
  • Li'l Cactus. Just...Li'l Cactus. After every event, you can tell your pet cactus about it, and as soon as you're out of the room he'll climb out of his pot and write down the story as he sees it. You can then read his interpretations, which are quite silly and have a child like sweetness to them.
    • When Bud gets sick, the little leafy guy leaves home for the first time, setting out in search for a cure. And he finds one and makes it home on his own, too!
  • When Elle is imprisoned by soldiers, Flameshe and Monique race to her side to provide their own unique forms of support.
  • Diddle and Capella's friendship. Diddle falls prey to various pitfalls, and every time Capella rescues him. And Diddle is quick to forgive Capella when he reads Diddle's letter home during one of these misadventures.
  • Even after he leaves her and goes on a spree of pursuing other women, Monique can't bear to let Gilbert stay trapped in the mines as a statue.
  • Miss Yuka and her Pee Wee.
  • Near the beginning of the game when you first meet Elazul, there are two ways you can talk him down and both result in heartwarming moments. You can defend Rachel, which causes him to storm out angrily but illicits a grateful thanks from the girl, or you can reason with him, and he explains that a girl he considers to be a sister to him is missing and he's incredibly worried about her; in which case, Rachel overcomes her fear and shyness and offers him the Jade Egg so that he can find Pearl.
  • Towards the end of the Dragon arc, Larc reveals the entirety of his deal with Draconis: that once he'd gathered enough power to free his master from the underworld, the two would fight to determine which of them would get to take possession of it and escape. And why did Larc want to escape the underworld so badly? Just so he could be with his sister again.
  • In a sad, roundabout way, Sierra's dedication to killing you. She's doing it because if she can stop Draconis' plan by taking you out of the picture, she won't have to fight her brother.
  • Daena's dogged and sadly, vein efforts to keep her friends alive when two of them have resurfaced after disappearing a decade previous.
  • In a sad and twisted way, everything Alexandra does for Florina. The former can't stand to see the latter suffering for the sake of everyone else, and hunts the rest of the species down both in pursuit of retribution and a way to heal the Jumi she and Blackpearl were supposed to protect.