Heartwarming: Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

First Chapter

  • The immediate aftermath of the school play in FC, where Jill reveals that the school has been running a donation campaign so Theresa can rebuild the orphanage that means so much to her. Doubles as a Tearjerker.
  • While it only compounds the tragedy of the ending, Joshua's Love Confession to Estelle is rather touching, even if he is abandoning her.
    Joshua: You had me from the first moment I met you. I've always loved you. Goodbye, Estelle.

Second Chapter

  • The reunion scene between Estelle and Joshua, regularly cited as one of the favorite scenes in the series in official polls.
  • Axis Pillar has two of these. First, Estelle giving Renne a Cooldown Hug. Which works. Second, Joshua and Loewe's reunion after the former persuades the latter to leave Ouroboros.
  • Seeing the other members of Ouroboros mourn Loewe in their own ways in Loewe Monogatari is pretty heartwarming

The 3rd

  • The entire premiese of Moon Door 5, where the orphans at Mercia look for a birthday present for Theresa.
  • Estelle's indefeatably enthusiastic attempts to cheer Joshua up shortly after he arrived at the Bright household, primarily by trying to collect as many interesting insects as she could find until she got one that could catch his attention. She never found the right bug but wound up catching his attention anyways when she caught a swarm of bees by accident.