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Heartwarming: Legend of Galactic Heroes
This series runs the entire spectrum of emotions, and tenderness is one of them.
  • Yang Wen-li's cutely awkward wedding proposition to Lieutenant Greenhill. Not only was it a tender moment, it was a surprising one, as they had been merely officer and subordinate up to that point.
    • And on that note, after the Alliance government orders the ceasefire and surrender of Yang's fleet, Yang meets with his subordinates and lets some of them go with Admiral Merkatz to start forming a revolutionary army for his eventual battles to restores independence to the Alliance. After his meeting with his subordinates, a downtrodden Yang tells Greenhill "I honestly do not know if my decision was right or wrong." Greenhill's reply? "It was the decision of a good man, and the only thing I know is this: I am hopelessly, head over heels in love with you." Cue the kiss, much fist pumping from the audience.
  • There's also Mittermeyer and Reinhard proposing to Eva and Hilda, respectively. At least Reinhard had the good sense not to pick yellow roses...
    • Also involving the Mittermeyers: Their reunion on Phezzan after being separated for almost a year, and him bringing Reuenthal's son and his aide to their home.
  • The scene where Hildegarde informs Reinhard of her pregnancy, prompting him to propose to her a second time. This time she readily accepts.
  • After hearing Reinhard von Lohengramm's declaration of war, an old and frail Admiral Bucock sadly gets up, knowing what is coming. Cue his wife walking in, his old uniform in her arms, a warm smile that can only say "I understand, dear" on her face. That particular moment made this troper teary eyed.
  • The final episode has a couple involving Felix: him taking a shine to Prince Alex when they are brought together, hopefully satisfying Reinhard's dying wish that the two will become good friends, and speaking his first word ("Father") to Mittermeyer.
  • Much of Reinhard's leadership skills are based upon his ability to instill the right emotions into his soldiers, especially when redeeming their failures. This is key to the fanatic loyalty he obtains from his subordinates.
  • Combining Heartwarming and Funny, Marika von Feuerbach and her interactions with Kesler. First startling him by glomping onto him out of joy that the birth of Prince Alex went well, she then leads a still startled Kesler in a celebration dance. The very next day Hildegarde arranges a dinner date between the two, and the narrator states that they got married two years later.
    • From the same episode, Alec being born safely after Hilda went into premature labor, plus Reinhard choosing his name.
  • Reinhard telling Mittermeyer how much he values him as a retainer and friend after Reuenthal's failed rebellion. It's a Tear Jerker for both of them, especially since their relationship had been a primarily professional one up until then.
  • Cazellnu inviting the widowed Frederica Greenhill over for dinner with his family.
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