Heartwarming: Last Man Standing

The TV Show

  • The ending of "Mike's Pole". After Ryan allows Boyd to learn the Pledge of Allegiance, Boyd tells the family he still won't say it in school because he doesn't want the other boy who isn't allowed to recite it and has to wait in the hallway to be lonely.
  • After Kyle and Kristin break up, Kyle tells Mike the worst part of it is that he won't be able to hang out with the Baxter family anymore. Mike tells him that just because they broke up doesn't mean Kyle can't still spend time with the family and invites him to dinner that night.
  • Mandy's college application essay about the person she admires most: Kristin.
  • In "Rediscover America", Ed cancels Mike's vlog after he begins to feel that Mike gets all the credit for Outdoor Man's success. Mike proceeds to change his vlog idea so that he can stress to the viewers that Ed is just as much as part of Outdoor Man as Mike is.
  • In "Changing Light Bulbs", Eve screws up Mandy's plan to move out not because she's a jerk, but because she didn't want Mandy to leave.
  • In "Helen Potts", Eve wants to interview Ed for a project about the Vietnam War. However, she becomes disillusioned when she finds out he was a desk jockey and never saw combat, making her feel that he wasn't a real hero. Later in the episode, Chuck brings her to the VFW Hall and he shows her that Ed spends every Wednesday there helping the other vets get their VA forms in order so they can receive their benefits. Upon seeing this, Eve realizes that he's a hero after all and interviews him again.
  • The episode "Kyle's Friend" serves as a reminder of just how much Mike and Vanessa love their daughters. Mandy meets a homeless woman named Morgan, who got pregnant at 17 just like Kristin. However, her parents kicked her out of the house, leaving her to fend for herself, rather than supporting her like Mike and Vanessa did with Kristin. Hearing this causes Mandy to realize how great their parents are and what an ungrateful brat she was being at the beginning of the episode.
  • In "Mandy's Party", Kristin begins to have cold feet about getting married after Ed tells her about his failed marriages. Ed calms her down by telling her that she will be a better partner than he was and gives her his wedding present: a hotel suite booked for ten years after her wedding date.
    Ed: Like I said, I only invest in things I know will succeed.
  • The end of "Restaurant Opening" where Eve tells Cammy that no matter whether the latter likes "guys or girls or whatever", she wants to be her friend no matter what.
  • Mike helping Ryan and Victor fix their relationship in "Daddy Dearest"