Heartwarming / Kodomo no Omocha

Even known for its comedy, Kodomo no Omocha is also a shoujo, and of course both of its sources (anime and manga) have a ton of heartwarming moments as it follows:

  • When Sana convinces Akito of him trying to reconcile with his broken family. Especially since she was acting like his Missing Mom, Koharu.
    Sana: Aa-chan, Mama loves you...
  • Sana giving Aono (Tsuyoshi's little sister) the baby chick when she was thinking that a normal egg from the supermarket would hatch (aahh, kids are so innocent).
  • Rei accepting that he was just running away from Asako, because he still loved her after so many years of having been separated from each other.
    • And then all of this was thanks to Sana reconciling them, which was just another great moment of her.
  • Natsumi preparing a rice porridge to Akito who was being sick. Remember, this was just after she realized she has been being mean to his own brother for so many years.
  • When Sana and Misako talk after everyone's read the "My Daughter and I" book...
  • Akito telling Sana that if she feels like crying she can talk to him and he will listen. Basically, he wants to be there for her.
  • Every time Akito sees Sana cry, he makes a little, surprised noise and stares at her with a concerned look. As if he can feel her pain.
  • When Sana was not prepared for her math test and if she failed, she would not be able to go to middle school, Akito secretly blackmails the principle to cancel the tests. Even though it was not the most honorable thing to do, Akito had good intentions.