Heartwarming: Kodomo no Omocha

Even known for its comedy, Kodomo no Omocha is also a shoujo, and of course both of its sources (anime and manga) have a ton of heartwarming moments as it follows:

  • When Sana convinces Akito of him trying to reconcile with his broken family. Especially since she was acting like his Missing Mom, Koharu.
    Sana: Aa-chan, Mama loves you...
  • Sana giving Aono (Tsuyoshi's little sister) the baby chick when she was thinking that a normal egg from the supermarket would hatch (aahh, kids are so innocent).
  • Rei accepting that he was just running away from Asako, because he still loved her after so many years of having been separated from each other.
    • And then all of this was thanks to Sana reconciling them, which was just another great moment of her.
  • Natsumi preparing a rice porridge to Akito who was being sick. Remember, this was just after she realized she has been being mean to his own brother for so many years.
  • When Sana and Misako talk after everyone's read the "My Daughter and I" book...
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