Heartwarming / Kitchen Princess

  • Several, not least Najika and Daichi kissing after she makes him flan, seeing the rainbow after she visits her old home, etc.
  • Najika attempting to help Akane while she's going on an anorexic diet such as letting her eat a rice cake she made, delivering yogurt mousse to the studio where she was shooting a commercial and replicating the peach pie that her grandmother always baked. Keep in mind that at this point, Akane has done nothing except make Najika's stay at Seika Academy a living nightmare. Najika is showing pure compassion for one of her tormentors.
  • Fujita coming to Najika's recue in the third volume. He's normally a lazy bum, making Najika do a majority of the work. However, when Najika puts in a lot of effort to save his diner, he swoops in to show off his culinary skills, which appeases the schoolboard.
  • Sora and Daichi defending Najika from Akane and the other bullies. Najika spent the first volume tormented by stuck-up girls who looked down on her and she never told anyone about her situation. However, in the first chapter of the second volume, Sora and Daichi are aware of what's been going on and aren't afraid to stand up to their childhood friend. To make it better, Sora is willing to conduct a cooking competition to showcase Najika's abilities and make her feel more at home. Daichi is also willing to help her make the cake when Akane attempts to sabotage her.